Tradelogiq’s Trade Cancellation and Correction Policy

CIRO has the authority to instruct Tradelogiq to cancel or amend trades that have occurred on Omega ATS and Lynx ATS.

Subscribers may also request a cancellation or amendment of a trade by contacting Tradelogiq Operations staff. All requests will be confirmed by email. Tradelogiq Operations staff will contact the trade counterparty to request their agreement to cancel or amend the trade, which will also be confirmed by email. Where both parties have agreed to a trade cancellation or amendment, CIRO and the trade counterparties will be notified when the cancellation or amendment has been made. If the counterparty to a trade does not agree to a request to cancel or amend the trade, Tradelogiq will take no further action and the requesting party may contact CIRO to request a trade review.

Tradelogiq is also permitted to cancel or amend a trade that is necessary to correct an error caused by a system or technological malfunction. Tradelogiq will obtain CIRO approval before cancelling or amending a trade in these circumstances.