Tradelogiq's Smart Order Router

The Smart Way

To remove Liquidity

Tradelogiq Inc.’s fast, free smart order router (SOR) is designed to remove liquidity at the Canadian Best Bid or Offer (CBBO) or better, in a sequential order among all participating venues trading TSX, TSX-V and CSE symbols. The supported venues are Omega ATS, Lynx ATS, Nasdaq CX2, Nasdaq CXC, CSE Pure, TSX, and NEO Lit.


it Works

The SOR maintains outgoing FIX sessions to the above venues. Eligible orders sent to Tradelogiq’s SOR will be routed sequentially to the applicable marketplaces in a preset sequence and will interact with all visible and hidden liquidity.

Once an order is submitted into the SOR, it checks the CBBO of the far side (e.g. ask side for bid order). If the order price is inferior to the CBBO, the order cannot be executed immediately to remove liquidity. In this case, the order will be cancelled or posted to Omega ATS or Lynx ATS. Eligible orders for routing will be sent to the other venues as IOC orders. Orders with remaining shares after routed can either be posted to Omega ATS, Lynx ATS or cancelled.

5 Reasons to Use

Tradelogiq’s SOR

Orders are kept ‘intact’ to prevent over fills or under fills

It interacts with hidden, dark or semi-lit liquidity including mid-point and iceberg orders on supported venues

It cycles through the routing table fast!


And, maybe best of all,
It’s FREE for Tradelogiq Subscribers!

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