Tradelogiq Fee Schedule

Effective March 1, 2023

Marketplace subscriber Fees

All Tradelogiq marketplace subscribers are subject to a subscriber fee of $750 per month, which includes access to both Omega ATS and Lynx ATS.

Omega ATS Fee Schedule


PASSIVE < $1.00ACTIVE < $1.00PASSIVE >= $1.00ACTIVE >= $1.00
REGULAR RATES$0.0010($0.0006)$0.0030($0.0025)


  • Unintentional cross rates (a) apply only where both sides of the trade are attributed and (b) take precedence over mid-point rates for mid-point trades that are attributed unintentional crosses.
  • The above unintentional cross rates apply unless the subscriber has elected to have its unintentional cross trades charged active rebates and passive fees at different rates, so long as the net fee for any particular unintentional cross is zero.  The subscriber may elect to set the active rebate and passive fee at any amount equal to or between the lower and upper bounds of the absolute values of the applicable regular rates – e.g., may elect for an active rebate and passive fee of $0.0025 per share for securities priced $1 and over.  Such election may be made for unintentional crosses on a subscriber-wide basis, or based on a specified list of the subscriber’s Trader IDs.  Where based on a list of Trader IDs, the elected rates will only be applied where the election was made for the Trader IDs on both sides of the trade, otherwise each side of the trade will be charged at the default unintentional cross rates (i.e., free each side).  

Odd Lots and Listed Fixed Income

Listed Fixed Income($0.085) / $1,000 FACE VALUE$0.095 / $1,000 FACE VALUE


Omega ATS offers subscribers the opportunity to receive discounts from the above “regular rates” on passive trades executed by the subscriber or its clients. Application of the discount is limited to trading by pre-approved Trader ID groups, and the amount of the discount provided for a Trader ID group will be based on the eligible passive volume traded on Omega ATS by the Trader ID group exceeding pre-defined percentage thresholds of total Canadian continuous traded volume (TCCV) for the month. The thresholds and discounts are as follows:



Only Trader ID groups that have been approved by Tradelogiq are eligible for the discount.  Subscribers must first complete a form identifying the one or more Trader IDs comprising each Trader ID group.  The form is available upon request.

A Trader ID group may include one or more Trader IDs.  Trader IDs associated with a direct electronic access (DEA) arrangement or routing arrangement (RA) client may only be grouped together with TraderIDs for the same single underlying client, or with the TraderIDs of an affiliated entity under common beneficial ownership carrying out similar trading activities.

Trader IDs can also be aggregated across Omega ATS subscribers for the purposes of comprising a Trader ID group.

The eligible passive volume of a Trader ID group that will be assessed against TCCV will include all passive traded volume by the Trader ID group on Omega ATS, other than passive volume associated with intentional crosses, odd lots and listed fixed income.

TCCV for the month is calculated based on total continuous trading volume across all Canadian-listed equities and ETFs on all Canadian marketplaces for the month, excluding listing market opening and closing auctions, intentional crosses, and odd lots.

The tier achieved by a Trader ID group for a given month determines the discount level to be applied to passive trading by the Trader ID group for that month that is otherwise subject to the regular passive rates.  The discount is applied to all such passive trading, not just on the incremental volume in excess of each tier threshold.  While the level of discount to be applied differs based on the price of security, the tier is assessed based on trading across both price categories.

Intentional Crosses on Omega ATS

Omega ATS pays a capped rebate of CDN $25,000.00 for intentional crosses on equities and ETFs (“eligible crosses”) printed on Omega ATS in a given month.

A per share rebate of CDN $0.000125/share will be paid to subscribers where total eligible cross volume for the month is less than or equal to 200,000,000 shares.

For months where total eligible cross volume is greater than 200,000,000 shares, the total pool of CDN $25,000.00 will be distributed on a prorated basis.

A per subscriber cap of CDN $12,500 for the month, and a per eligible cross cap of CDN $125 also applies.

Eligible crosses include all intentional cross types on Omega ATS. Eligible cross volume will be single-counted for the purposes of the determination and payment of the rebate.

Intentional crosses on listed fixed income or entered with an odd lot quantity are not eligible for a rebate.  These intentional crosses are free.

Lynx ATS Fee Schedule


>= $1 – Interlisted($0.00235)$0.00255
>= $1 – Non-Interlisted($0.00115)$0.00135
Below $1($0.0002)$0.0004

Unintentional crosses will be charged at regular Passive/Active rates.

Intentional crosses are free.

Odd Lots and Listed Fixed Income

Odd Lot$0.0010$0.0010
Listed Fixed Income($0.085) / $1,000 FACE VALUE$0.095 / $1,000 FACE VALUE

Market Data Fees

All of the following market data fees are charged on a monthly basis unless otherwise noted.

Display Fees – Monthly Subscription

Level 1$8.00 CAD / $8.00 USDFee Holiday
Level 2$17.50 CAD / $17.50 USDFee Holiday


Display Fees – Per Query

Per query - Level 1$0.01 CAD / $0.01 USDFee Holiday
Per query - Level 2$0.025 CAD / $0.025 USDFee Holiday

Note: Non-Professional use only. Per query fees for a Non-Professional User can be capped by the Data Recipient, in any given month, at the applicable monthly subscription rate.

Non-Display Fees

Non-display fees apply when Omega ATS or Lynx ATS market data is consumed by an application that is not for display use.  Applications will be classified as either being for Trading or Analysis purposes. For example, an algorithmic trading application that generates orders in an automated fashion would be classified as Trading usage. Analysis usage is any other application that does not directly generate orders. Non-display fees are charged to the signing entity (firm level) and not based on the total number of applications.

Trading Usage Level 1$650 CAD / $650 USDFee Holiday
Trading Usage Level 2$950 CAD / $950 USDFee Holiday
Analysis Usage Level 1$300 CAD / $300 USDFee Holiday
Analysis Usage Level 2$350 CAD / $350 USDFee Holiday

Data Feed Access Fees

Data feed access fees are applicable to any Data Recipient receiving an Omega ATS or Lynx ATS market data feed, whether directly via multicast through Tradelogiq or indirectly through a data distributor.  The access fee would be based on the total number of feeds to each physical location.

Omega ATSPrimary (first) Feed$450 CAD / $450 USD$500 CAD / $500 USD
Omega ATSAdditional Feeds$150 CAD / $150 USD$200 CAD / $200 USD
Lynx ATSPrimary (first) FeedFee HolidayFee Holiday
Lynx ATSAdditional FeedsFee HolidayFee Holiday

Recovery sessions for Omega ATS and Lynx ATS multicast data feeds are available through unicast and are charged as follows:

Multicast Recovery Session Bundle $450 per month

Redistribution Fees

Redistribution fees are only applicable to those Data Recipients that further redistribute Omega ATS or Lynx ATS market data to external third parties by way of uncontrolled distribution.

Omega ATS$225 CAD / $225 USD$125 CAD / $125 USD
Lynx ATSFee HolidayFee Holiday

Technology Fees

The following technology fees are charged for client connectivity and for access to Omega ATS and Lynx ATS trading and recovery services.

Subscribers are responsible for arranging and paying for connectivity.  Subscribers wishing to cross-connect will be charged the below cross-connect fees which incorporate the amounts charged to Tradelogiq by our data centre provider.​

1 Gigabyte Cross-Connection$1000 one-time set up fee, plus $1000 per month
10 Gigabyte Cross-Connection$1000 one-time set up fee
$1500 per month for the first line
$1000 for each additional line per month
General Testing EnvironmentNo charge
FIX Drop Copy Connection$450 per month
Trading Session Bundle (10 free)*$125 per month
Multicast access and recoverySee “Data Feed Access Fees” under “Market Data Fees”

*Subscribers are provided 10 production session bundles for accessing Omega ATS and Lynx ATS, free of charge.  If a subscriber requires additional sessions, this fee will apply