Tradelogiq Fee Schedule

Effective December 1, 2020

Omega ATS Fee Schedule


TIER 3 (200MM+)$0.0028/SHARE-$0.0025/SHARE$0.0008/SHARE-$0.0006/SHARE
TIER 2 (100MM – 199MM)$0.0029/SHARE-$0.0025/SHARE$0.0009/SHARE-$0.0006/SHARE
TIER 1 (0 – 99MM)$0.0030/SHARE-$0.0025/SHARE$0.0010/SHARE-$0.0006/SHARE

Odd Lots and Listed Fixed Income

Odd Lot$0.000$0.000
Listed Fixed Income$0.085 PER $1000 FACE VALUE REBATE$0.095 PER $1000 FACE VALUE CHARGE

Omega ATS Breakpoint Discount

Omega’s Breakpoint Pricing provides broker dealers with discounted liquidity providing rates based on the overall volume executed on equities for a given month.

There is no additional paperwork required to qualify and all participants are automatically enrolled. When a tier is reached, the discount will automatically apply to ALL equities for the month, not just for trades executed after the tier is reached. The discount will be automatically reflected in that month’s invoice. This pricing applies to all Canadian listed and inter-listed equities minus any crosses.

Intentional Crosses on Omega ATS

Omega ATS pays a capped rebate of CDN$25,000.00 for equity shares crossed on Omega ATS in a given month. A rebate of CDN$0.000125/Share will be paid to participants for monthly participant crossed total equity volume less than or equal to 200,000,000 shares.

For months with participant crossed total equity volume greater than 200,000,000 shares the total pool of CDN$25,000.00 will be distributed on a prorated basis.

Monthly crossed volume only applies to Intentional Crosses1 and Internal Crosses2 as defined by UMIR.  Cross volume will not be “double counted”, and will be counted as just one side of a cross.

There is a per subscriber cap of CDN$12,500 and a per intentional cross cap of CDN$125.

1 ‘intentional cross’ means a trade resulting from the entry by a Participant or Access Person of both the order to purchase and the order to sell a security, but does not Include a trade in which the Participant has entered one of the orders as a jitney order.

2 ‘Internal cross’ means an intentional cross between two accounts which are managed by a single firm acting as a portfolio manager with discretionary authority to manage the investment portfolio granted by each of the holders of the accounts and includes a trade in respect of which the Participant or Access Person is acting as a portfolio manager in authorizing the trade between the two accounts.

Lynx ATS Fee Schedule

All Equities

>= $1 – Interlisted($0.00235)$0.00255
>= $1 – Non-Interlisted($0.00115)$0.00135
ETFs (Effective June 1, 2022)($0.00145)$0.00165
Below $1($0.0002)$0.0004

Unintentional crosses will be charged at regular Passive/Active rates.

Intentional crosses are free.

Odd Lots and Listed Fixed Income

Odd Lot$0.001$0.001
Listed Fixed Income-$0.085/$1,000 FV$0.095/$1,000 FV

Lynx ATS Pricing

Lynx ATS is a fully automated order matching and trade execution marketplace for equities and fixed income. This lit, unprotected auction market, based on strict price and time priority, offers a maker/taker pricing model.

Order types include: All or None, Midpoint, Day, Immediate or Cancel, Limit, Iceberg, Bypass Intentional/Internal Cross and Fill or Kill.

Market Data Fees

Display Fees Per Subscriber

Level 1$8.00 CAD / $8.00 USDFee Holiday
Level 2$17.50 CAD / $17.50 USDFee Holiday


Display Fees Per Query

Per query - Level 10.01 CAD / $0.01 USDFee Holiday
Per query - Level 2$0.025 CAD / $0.025 USDFee Holiday

Note: Non-Professional use only. Per query fees for a Non-Professional User can be capped, in any given month, at the applicable monthly subscription rate.

Non-Display Fees

The Non-Display fee applies when Omega ATS and Lynx ATS market data is consumed by an application that is not for display use.  Applications will be classified as either being for Trading or Analysis purposes. For example, an algorithmic trading application that generates orders in an automated fashion, would be classified as Trading usage. Analysis usage is any other application that does not directly generate orders. The Non-Display fee is charged to the signing entity (firm level) and not based on the total number of applications.

Trading Usage Level 1$650 CAD /$650 USDFee Holiday
Trading Usage Level 2$950 CAD /$950 USDFee Holiday
Analysis Usage Level 1$300 CAD /$300 USDFee Holiday
Analysis Usage Level 2$350 CAD /$350 USDFee Holiday

Note: Subscribers must subscribe to Level 1 in order to receive Level 2

Data Feed Access Fees

The Data Feed Access fee is applicable to any Data Recipient receiving an Omega and/or a Lynx Market Data feed directly through Tradelogiq or indirectly through a data distributor. The access fee would be based on the total number of feeds to each physical location. 

Omega ATSPrimary (first) Feed$450 CAD / $450 USD$500 CAD / $500 USD
Omega ATSAdditional Feeds$150 CAD /$150 USD$200 CAD / $200 USD
Lynx ATSPrimary (first) FeedFee HolidayFee Holiday
Lynx ATSAdditional FeedsFee HolidayFee Holiday

Note: Subscribers must subscribe to Level 1 in order to receive Level 2

Redistribution Fees

The Redistribution Fee is only applicable to those data recipients that further redistribute Omega ATS and Lynx ATS data to external third parties.  For example, market data vendors would be subject to this fee.

Initial (first) Data FeedAdditional Data Feeds
$225 CAD / $225 USD$125 CAD / $125 USD

Technology Fees

As a convenient option, subscribers can, for a fee, arrange for 10 Gigabyte connectivity to either of Tradelogiq Markets Inc.’s data centers.1 Both centers are cross-connected to each other with 10 Gigabyte connections, and provide connectivity to Omega ATS and Lynx ATS. Subscribers wishing to cross connect will be charged at-cost fees from our data centers.

1 Gigabyte Cross-Connection$900 one-time set up fee, plus $200 per month
10 Gigabyte Cross-Connection$900 one-time set up fee
$1500 per month for the first line
$1000 for each additional line per month (Omega ATS and Lynx ATS)
General Testing EnvironmentNo Charge
FixDrop Connection$450 per month
Trading Bundle Session (10 free)$125 per month2
Trading IDs$8 per ID
Multicast Recovery Session Bundle
Both Omega ATS and Lynx ATS
$450 Per session

1Subscribers are responsible for arranging and paying for connectivity.

2 Subscribers of Omega ATS and Lynx ATS are provided 10 production session bundles are free of charge. If a subscriber requires additional sessions, this fee will apply.