Additional Information

About Our Lynx ATS Fees

Here is some additional detail about our fee model and all fees charged by Tradelogiq Markets Inc. for the Lynx ATS marketplace, including any additional parties to whom services have been directly or indirectly outsourced, including, but not limited to, fees relating to connecting to the market or facility, access, data, regulation (if applicable), trading, routing, and co-location, how we set those fees and any fee rebates or discounts and how we determine these.

Lynx ATS Standard Pricing

Other than trading fees and the connectivity fees for the voluntary use of our optional 10 Gigabyte connection described below, there are no other data and connectivity charges to connect to the Lynx ATS.

Odd Lot Book Fee

A fee of .001 cents per share is charged to both the buyer and seller of odd lots or the odd lot portion of a mixed lot.

Lynx ATS Super-Dollar Pricing

Equities including ETF’s 

There is zero charge to post liquidity on the Lynx ATS.  We charge a fee of $0.0002 (2 mils) for removing liquidity fee on the active side of a trade.

Subscribers’ trading fees are capped monthly once they execute 25 million shares traded.  The trading fee cap is set at $5,000.00 (25 million shares * $0.0002).

And, like the Omega ATS, there are zero charges for unintentional crosses.

Communication Charges

As a subscriber, you are responsible for arranging and paying for your own connectivity.

As a convenient option, subscribers can, for a fee, arrange for 10 Gigabyte connectivity to either of Tradelogiq Markets Inc.’s data centers. Both centers are cross-connected to each other with 10 Gigabyte connections. 10 Gigabyte connectivity provides connectivity to both Omega and Lynx ATS’.

Unlisted and Listed Debt

For unlisted debt instrument transactions (corps, governments, etc.), a 0.05 per $ 1,000.00 face value is charged to the active (take) side. No charge is applied to the passive side.

For listed debenture transactions, $ 0.095 per $1,000 face value is charged to the active (take) side. A rebate of 0.085 per $ 1,000 face is paid to the passive liquidity provider.

Billing and Reconciliation 

Billing and reconciliation occurs in real time on the Lynx ATS. In conjunction with the execution of each share the Lynx ATS reports the per share rate using the standard fix tags 12 (commission) and 13 (commission type).  Following each execution, the participants receive the quantity, the fee level, and the active or passive status of each fill. This information enables you to calculate and display your client’s fees in real time and on a per trade and per share basis.

And to help you keep it all organized and simplify reconciliation and billing, Tradelogiq prepares and delivers a convenient monthly invoice, blotter and statement.

Payment Methods

Subscribers may use one of the following two payment methods:

Tradelogiq Pre-Authorized Debit – The commission owing on account in each calendar month is debited from a bank account designated by the subscriber on the tenth business day following month-end.

CDS Pre-Authorized Debit – The commission owing on account in each calendar month is debited by CDS from an account designated by the subscriber on or about the ninth business day following month-end.

Other Charges

Application Fee$0.00
TestingNo Charge
Order Cancels or ModificationsNo Charge
Monthly Subscriber Fee$0.00 pert month
FIX Drop CopyNo Charge
Access/Port No Charge
Cross-ConnectNo Charge
Optional 10 Gigabyte Connection$1500 For the first line and $1000 for each additional line per month (this applies to the Omega ATS and the Lynx ATS)
Optional Multicast Recovery Session Bundle
(this applies to the Omega ATS and the Lynx ATS)
$450 per session per month

Market Data Fees

There is no charge for Lynx ATS subscribers to access Tradelogiq Markets Inc.’s Market data.